Christian Values Conference

The YMCA Christian Values Conference brings together young people from YMCAs across the country to the inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina for an unforgettable week.  This super-charged conference incorporates teen experiences, caring adults and an outrageous series of wild events all woven together to make this year’s conference theme, “Who I Am”  a personal challenge to each young person.

The conference is built around family time.  Each delegate is part of a family with a caring adult facilitator and a diverse group of delegates from around the country.  These families are carefully chosen to create the best experience possible for the week.  Each year, delegates rate family time as one of the top experiences of the conference.  Families focus on great discussions, wild games and building great friendships that give deep meaning to the closing Fire of friendship.  If this is your first year to come to Blue Ridge, then you will be part of a rookie family…with other first-year delegates your age.


Delegates comments regarding the CVC…
FAMILY TIME – “This is where you really get to know people, sometimes even better than your friends back home.” – 3rd Year Delegate
SPECIAL THEME PARTIES AND WILD EVENTS EVERY NIGHT – “Time to let loose – dress is anything from a pink power ranger to mini-mouse – you get to see people in a whole new light.” – 3rd Year Delegate
FREE TIME ACTIVITIES – “Hike up the mountain to High Windy for a view of the world, join the Conference Basketball Tournament of Champions, play in the ultimate Frisbee competition…whatever you choose you won’t be bored even if its just sitting in a big green rocking chair and hanging out with friends.” – College Staff Member
DEVOTIONS – “CVC means to me a time to step out of a busy life and into a time of devotion, family, fun, and a deeper encounter with God.” – Tennessee Delegate
“There is no way to describe the RELATIONSHIPS that are formed within the span of that one amazing week on the mountain.  And I know that each year will bring new and exciting faces, whether it be from a family group or even the adult leaders, everyone is a friend.” – Alabama Delegate


7:30 am         Wake-Up Smiling!                       4:30 pm         Optional Workshops /
8:15 am         Breakfast                                                        Free Time
8:45 am         Delegation Meetings                   6:00 pm          Dinner
9:20 am         Devotion                                    7:00 pm          Activity / Family Time
10:05 am       Relection Time                           10:15 pm        Evening Devotion
10:30 am       Family Time                               10:30 pm        Personal Time
12:30 pm       Lunch                                        10:45 pm        On your Assigned Hall
1:30 pm         Activity / Family Time /
Free Time


YMCA will work with teens with fundraisers to subsidize cost.
All registrants will receive a conference photo.
Contact Glenda Trainer at 409.962.6644 to register.


Comfortable Sneakers        Banquet Attire
Rain Gear                          Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush, etc)
Water Bottle                      Clothes (some you don’t mind getting messy, be
Sunscreen                                      prepared for HOT days and COOL nights)
Bug Spray                         Prescription Medication / Inhaler (if needed)
Watch                               Positive Attitude

Go online to for more information.

Thank you letter to the donors who made this trip possible:

YMCA of Southeast Texas sincerely would like to thank you for your generous donations to the YMCA of Southeast Texas Christian Values Conference 2013.  With your gift, we were able to send 16 youth and 3 adults to the YMCA Christian Values Conference 2013 in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  The 2013 CVC was held at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly where over 470 teens from across the United States gathered.

This years theme, “He Is Here!”, took our teens on a faith filled journey to discover what really makes a person an exceptional creation of God…with all those treasures that He has placed in each person’s heart.  It is the Y’s hope that through family time, the teens develop positive habits so their eyes and ears will see and hear a lot more like how God sees and hears, find opportunities to love and accept themselves and others.

Facilitators of the families guided teens through some tough questions through the program.  Topics such as communication skills, growing group trust, understanding routines, spiritual habits, forgiveness, and gratitude were discussed.  Each day began and ended with spiritual devotionals.

It is with your gift to the YMCA that we were able to impact the life of 16 teens in the Southeast Texas Delegation.  We were able to watch this diverse group of young people grow spiritually and mentally in their week long journey.  It is our hope that they will take what they have learned on the mountain and apply it not only in their lives, but in the lives that they touch in the future.

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