Membership Fees and Policies


Membership Rates *
Type Draft Qtrly Semi-Annual Annual
Youth $15.00 $45.00 $ 90.00 $180.00
Student $37.00 $111.00 $222.00 $444.00
Individual $47.00 $141.00 $282.00 $564.00
Household $62.00 $186.00 $372.00 $744.00
Senior $37.00 $111.00 $222.00 $444.00
Membership Explanations

Youth – Ages 3-14 years
Student – High School age 15+
College undergraduate 12 hours
College graduate 9 hours
Individual – Ages 17-61 years
Household – Up to 2 individuals/seniors + up to 4 youth/students
Additional individuals/seniors – additional $15 each per month
Additional youth/students – additional $5 each per month
*All must reside at the same address and proof of residency must be provided.
Seniors – Ages 62 and up

Corporate Rate

Companies can qualify for the Corporate Rate, of a $4. per month discount,  by having 10 or more employees join at the same time.  The company must maintain at least 10 employee memberships to keep the Corporate Rate.

Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit, Nifty After Fifty

Several Medicare supplemental policies have health club memberships as part of their benefits.  We are very proud to be in the network offering  Silver Sneakers, Silver and Fit, and Nifty After Fifty memberships.  Please check with your insurance plan to see if you are covered under one of these.

Program Refund Policy

There will be a $5.00 service fee for dropping a class. There will be no refund after classes have started unless it is for a medical reason or at the discretion of the program director. A credit in lieu of a refund will have no service charge. If a program is cancelled by the YMCA, a full credit will be issued.

Cancellation Policy

Thirty (30) days’ written notice is required for termination of YMCA membership. Cancellation forms are available at the YMCA front desk.

Temporary Passes

Daily Fee:
Adults Age 15+- $15.
Youth Age 14 & Under $10.


Individual Pass:

        1 Week Pass    $30.
        2 Week Pass   $40.
        1 Month Pass  $60.


Family Day Pass:   $25.

*The YMCA SOUTHEAST TEXAS does not share customer credit/debit card information.


Facility Policies:

Children under the age of 15 are NOT allowed in the facility unless accompanied by a member age 18 and older that accepts responsibility for the child.

NO gym bags or back packs allowed in the weight room.

Proper dress required at all times while on YMCA property.

NO alcohol or illegal drugs permitted on YMCA property.

Carrying of concealed weapon is prohibited on YMCA property.

YMCA is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.  FREE wallet lockers are provided.  Lockers may be rented or used on a daily basis. Members must provide their own correctly sized lock.

Personal trainers who are not YMCA employees are NOT allowed to personal train clients on YMCA property.

Program registration is not accepted until FULL payment is made.

Adult locker rooms are limited to men and women aged 19 and older.  Parents with children younger than 19 MUST use Youth locker rooms.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

The track is open to anyone aged 10 and older.  Ages 10-11 must have adult supervision.  NO STROLLERS.


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