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Job Listings:


Youth Development Leader


Afterschool Care


Need 1 Site Leader and 6 Entry Level Leaders

The YMCA of Southeast Texas is currently seeking organized, nurturing, experienced individuals who would be interested in spending their time being a positive role model and overseeing the day to day operations of an after school program. Job duties include but are not limited to supervision of children, homework assistance, curriculum implementation, organize group activities, group games and much, much more!
Candidates must be creative, self motivated, enthusiastic and at least 18 years old with a high school diploma. 6 months of experience in a state licensed childcare facility is required for a Site Leader position. Must have 30 clock hours of training in child or youth development, recreational leadership, or management.
Holding current certifications in First Aid and CPR is a plus.
This is a part time position and candidates must be able to work Monday – Friday from approximately 2:00 pm -6:00 pm.
Pay is $7.25-$11.00 D.O.E.



Swim Instructor

Salary: $7.25-8.  hourly D.O.E.

General Function:

The Swim Instructor is responsible for teaching swim lessons that follow the Y Swim Lessons guidelines.


Swim Instructors must be currently certified in CPR (must include certification in adult, child, and infant CPR and obstructed airway maneuver); First Aid (must include training in victim assessment; bleeding; shock; burns; specific body injures; bites and stings; bone, joint, and muscle injuries; poisoning; cold and heat-related injures; medical emergencies and rescues – American Red Cross and National Safety Council programs meet these requirements). The Swim Instructor must be at least 15 years of age and if under 18, must have a parental consent form and must be able to pass a pre-employment skills test.

Job Segments (Key Result Areas):

1)    Safety

  1. Do not allow visitors while teaching.
  2. Telephone calls should not be made or received unless it is an emergency.

2. ) Program Responsibilities

A. Instruct swim lessons following Y Swim Lesson guidelines.

3. ) Staff Development

A. Attend all staff meetings.

B. Swim one mile per week.

C. Follow a program of continued study and self-development for

professional growth.

4. ) Public Relations

A. Be pleasant with the patrons of the YMCA.

B. Interpret the objectives of the YMCA to the public.

C. Represent the Association and maintain its relationship with

other community serving groups.

Effect on End Result

  1. A safe and clean aquatic environment for the patrons of the Association.
  2. The maintenance of high moral and cooperative attitude among all staff persons as evidenced by coordinated efforts to achieve the objectives of the Association.



YOGA/Group Cycling Certified Instructor

APPLY IN PERSON. , 6760 Ninth Ave. Port Arthur

Turn in at Y Front Desk.

Salary is $12. – $14 hourly, D.O.E. & certifications. 

Need to be CPR/AED certified.

Need someone that certified to teach YOGA and/or Group Cycling.    This is for evening classes only. 

Should have Group Fitness certification.



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