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    Fitness, Friends, Fun!
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    Sports & Recreation
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    Family Time
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    Year Round Swim Lessons
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    5K Fun!
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    Swim Time!
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    Martial Arts
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    Christian Values Conference 2014

What’s Happening At The Y


After School Care – Register Now!

Fall Swim Lessons Read More

Fall/Winter Sports Read More


Please, for your safety, the law states there are to be NO LEFT TURNS made from 9 Avenue south bound into entrance of our parking lot and NO LEFT TURNS made from our parking lot, onto 9th Avenue southbound. There are highly visible yellow stripes, please heed them. If you are traveling southbound, please use the Lake Arthur entrance to our parking lot. If you are exiting and plan to head south towards 73, go to Lake Arthur side exit and turn left from stop sign at 9th Avenue. PAPD is warning you now, but will soon be giving tickets for these illegal turns.


Volunteer at the Y


Employment Opportunities – After School Care Leaders & Swim Instructors Needed Immediately Read More




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